Shilla Beauty Concert Ticket Form

Tier 1 Tickets / 一等席演唱会门票

Receive a pair of tickets with $700 spend.

凡购满新币700元, 即可赢取一对新罗美妆演唱会一等席演唱会门票


Tier 2 Tickets / 二等席演唱会门票

Receive a pair of tickets with $500 spend.

凡购满新币500元, 即可赢取一对新罗美妆演唱会二等席演唱会门票


Limited to one pair per qualifying receipt. Ticket issuance is strictly limited to the first 2,000 registrations. While stocks last.



Register your receipt for verification now.


*Tier 1 Ticket Preference (for Standing Pen or Seated) is only applicable to Tier 1 tickets applications.

This does not guarantee tickets for the preference indicated. Tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


PDPA clause: 个人资料保护法:
I give my consent to The Shilla Duty Free to contact me for the purpose of this offer.
I agree that The Shilla Duty Free may also contact me to keep me up-to-date with special offers, promotions, product news and send me event invitations and surveys:

Please contact [email protected] for Shilla Beauty Concert related enquires.


Please contact STR’s Data Protection Officer, at tel: 67135700 or at email: [email protected]
at any time to check your personal data with us, change your instructions to us, and/or withdraw some or all of your consent.


Terms and conditions of Shilla Beauty Concert Tickets Promotion:

  • Each qualifying receipt of S$700 spend will be entitled to one pair of Tier 1 tickets.
  • Each qualifying receipt of S$500 spend will be entitled to one pair of Tier 2 tickets.
  • This promotion is valid at The Shilla Duty Free Cosmetics & Perfumes stores located at Terminals 1, 2, and 3, and Shilla Beauty Loft located in Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport.
  • All qualifying receipts must be registered via the online form available at
  • All registrations must be submitted by 23:59 hours on 15 October 2017 (GMT+8.00).
  • All registered entries will be verified and tickets will only be issued upon successful verification. Late entries, incomplete or invalid information, and duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  • Tickets are limited to the first 2,000 successful registrations, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Successful registrants will receive an e-mail confirmation of their ticket issuance before 10 November 2017.
  • For Singapore registrants, tickets will be sent via registered mail to the address provided on the online form. Requests for other delivery methods or pick up will not be entertained.
  • In case further verification is needed, registrants will be contacted via the mobile number or e-mail address submitted on the online form.
  • Registrants who do not respond to the enquiries within 72 hours will be disqualified.
  • For Overseas registrants, tickets will be available for collection at the event venue on 24 November 2017. Unclaimed tickets will be forfeited. Photo ID bearing the registrant’s name has to be presented at the point of collection.
  • Tickets are not exchangeable for cash, vouchers, or products.
  • In case of dispute, The Shilla Duty Free’s decision on all matters relating to the promotion is final, and no correspondence will be entertained.



  • 每张收据凡消费新币500元,即可获得一对新罗美妆演唱会二等席入场票。每张收据凡消费新币700元,即可获得一对新罗美妆演唱会一等席入场票。
  • 此促销仅限于樟宜机场1号,2号或3号航站楼的新罗免税店与新罗美容美妆体验中心。
  • 所有收据必须在网上用电子表格登记。电子表格可在 获取。
  • 所有收据与表格必须在2017年 10月15日,23:59点(格林威治标准时间+8.00)前登记。
  • 所有注册的表格将被验证,入场票只有在成功验证后才会发出。迟登记,不完整,重复或填写无效资料或个人讯息的表格将会被取消资格。
  • 演唱会入场票发放仅限前2,000名成功注册的客户。先到先得,送完既止。
  • 注册成功的消费者将于2017年 11月10日之前收到一封关于领票方法的电邮指示。
  • 新加坡客户的演唱会入场票将会根据电子表格上的地址邮寄过去。其他送票方式要求将不被受理。
  • 如需要进一步验证,新罗免税店将通过电子表格上提交的手机号码或电子邮件地址联系注册人。
  • 若注册人不在72小时以内回应,新罗免税店将取消注册人的领票资格。
  • 海外客户可在2017年 11月24日,演唱会场地领取入场票。无人认领的门票将被没收。注册人必须出示护照给演唱会负责人确认。
  • 不得用现金,购物礼券或产品来换取新罗美妆演唱会入场票。
  • 新加坡新罗免税店保留此促销的解释权保留随时修改,添加或取消任何有关优惠条例的权利,无需预先通知。