By Honeycombers, Chelsia Tan

Going on a short trip or a luxurious holiday may be the best way to recharge for most, but the process of planning a vacation and catching a flight out, more often than not, leaves me feeling and looking like something the cat dragged in. And it only gets worse when I’m finally on the plane – the dry cabin air sucks the moisture out of my skin, which is why I never travel without my heavy-duty skincare lifesavers.

That said, imagine my excitement (and relief) when I discovered that Shilla Beauty Loft, a beauty and skincare duplex at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s departure hall, actually provides skincare treatments for travellers on top of retailing products from premium beauty brands such as SK-II. Heaven! And what’s more, this beauty mecca is celebrating its first anniversary this month with exclusive services from these brands, one of it being the R.N.A.Power Eye Massage at SK-II PITERA™ Lounge.

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