11a. Your handy cheat sheet to GSTSAVING while purchasing from us at Changi Airport.

Not sure if you have enjoyed GSTSAVINGS? Here’s how to read your receipt.

Sample receipt from The Shilla Duty Free Cosmetic & Perfume Stores at Singapore Changi Airport

If the purchase you made from our stores are either during arrival to Singapore, at the public area Shilla store, OR engaged our Pre-Order service (Purchase now, collect later) at our 24hours central main store located at the departure hall, all of our receipts pricing are Tax Free item meaning 9% GST is not inclusive.

This is how your receipt would look base on our GST Brochure.

(A) In this sample receipt, the GST-exclusive item costs S$100. This doesn’t include 9% GST yet.

(B) The first GSTSAVING discount:
That’s S$100.00 – 8.26% = S$91.74

(C) Because 9% GST is NOT yet included in the price, 9% of the pre-GST price (S$91.74) is now added. That’s S$91.74 x 8% (which is S$8.26) of S$91.74 = S$100.00

(A) SO, THE FINAL PAYMENT AS S$100.00 PRICE after being adjusted is still the Tax-Free price you pay at our store.